Topband: Shunt Fed Tower

John Cowan w0tmm at
Mon Nov 20 06:58:18 EST 2006

I have buried about 18 radials now and have my shunt fed tower up and going. For the time being I am tuning it through my Palstar tuner. 
It tunes up with a 1.7 SWR on 1.8 MHz and 1.4 SWR on 2.0 MHz. I just have to move the inductor from 8 to 41 to retune for the change in frequency. 

1. Do I need to move the shunt wire away from the tower to get the SWR down to 1.1? 
2. It does not tune very well on 80 meters at all. about 5.1 SWR? What do I need to do to get it to work on both 80 & 160?
3. Is 160 used for mostly CW?

Any help would be appreciated. I will bury more radials as I have time.

John W0TMM

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