Topband: First Antenna Suggestions

Tim tim.n9puz at
Wed Nov 22 14:59:14 EST 2006

I'm looking for suggestions on a 160M antenna I can put up in time to 
use this winter for the contests, etc.

My QTH has plenty of horizontal area but is short on supports. I have 
one 40ft mast along side the house that will support a wire and 
several trees 100 ft or so from the house that could probably support 
a wire at about 20 ft.

A full size dipole is possible and probably the easiest option 
although it would be low with the apex at 40 feet and the ends 
dropping to about 15-20 ft. Given the heights available for supports 
this may be as good an option as any.

Radials run across the lawn for a few months are a non-issue this time 
of year.

Because of the shack location open wire feeder or ladder line would be 
a big project so I would prefer coax fed even if it means re-trimming 
the antenna for different band segments.

Tim, N9PUZ

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