Topband: Fire tower as support for 1/4-wave sloper - TNX for info

John Harper john at
Wed Nov 22 20:25:43 EST 2006

I want to thank everyone for all the emails and follow-up posts to my 
question yesterday. I received 27 emails so please forgive me for responding 
here rather than answering them individually ;-)

Well the sloper idea is out - I can't risk the unpredictable performance 
with the limited amount of time available to use the tower. A lot of folks 
suggested an inverted L. Unfortunately, I can't "clutter up" (their words, 
not mine) the surrounding area with radials. I would also be concerned of 
what effect such a large metallic mass would have on the vertical section of 
the antenna.

So I'm going to put up an inverted V with the apex at 90' extended out 10' 
from the tower on a 2x4. Later I can ponder other possibilities. I'm sorry I 
waited till the last minute to even consider this location.

Thanks again for all the info. 73,

John Harper AE5X

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