Topband: Top Band Magic on Wednesday Evening

KJ0M kj0m at
Fri Nov 24 12:17:56 EST 2006

charles Lewis <s9ss160m at> wrote on Fri, 24 Nov 2006 02:25:46  
-0800 (PST):

> I worked about 120 stations, not counting several dupes.  Of those,  
> 88 were North Americans coast to coast.  Among them were at least  
> one CA (NI6T), a WY, and a couple of MTs.

I was one of the stations you worked, Charles, and one of the dupes.  
I thought you came back to me the first time but there was a deep  
fade at just the wrong time and I wasn't sure, so I worked you again  
a bit later. You called me back to confirm that I was already in the  
log for the first QSO. On the second QSO, you were Q5 the whole time  
and I listened for some time afterward, and you continued very strong  
for some time in South Dakota. The band was full of DX that evening.

I was thrilled to work you on Top Band and would like to thank you  
for your many contacts on many bands. S9 stations just won't be as  
omnipresent  as you have been these past years. You will be sorely  
missed by the DX community.

Have a good retirement and thanks again.



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