Topband: soil doping

David Sinclair k3ky at
Mon Oct 16 05:00:07 EDT 2006

Gregory Heath wrote:
> I remember reading something about this in yr's gone by.  Does anyone
> here on the reflector, dope their radial field with Epsom
> increase the ground's conductivity.
> Would epsom salt eat away my grass and yard...?
> Imagine no mowing !! Yeah...and great DX...Yeah...
> Greg kb2qqm

When the Roman empire overran another people, if they were really angry
at them, they salted their agricultural land. This poisoned the soil
and made it impossible to grow crops in that earth for many years. I
don't know which salt(s) they used. Perhaps sodium chloride?

I consider it a very bad idea to 'dope' the soil with any such
additives. If it is not fertilizer, lime, or another such product
designed to add to the soil, it very likely should not be added.
This may in fact constitute a crime against the environment and be
prosecutable, depending on which jurisdiction you live in and whether
or not any national laws apply. I doubt whether it would make even
a fractional dB difference to you on top band, anyway.

73, David K3KY

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