Topband: Base Insulators for Verticals

Michael Rauh mikerauh at
Fri Sep 8 21:39:54 EDT 2006

  I have been checking out insulators for Rohn 25G.  Here is what I have found:
  1.  Array Solutions - Delrin insulators.  $1145 for a set of three.  The $250 solution is no longer on the website.
  2.  K0XG - Insulator Adapters.  $115 each, insulator included.  According to Rich, they are rated to 150 feet of 25G tower.  Rich also says he has an insulator that mounts under the base plate.
  3. WB0W - A set of three for $399.  I have ordered a set.  They should arrive by the end of the month.  I have one of Gaylen's gin poles, it is built like a tank.  If his insulators are up to the same standard, they should be bullet-proof.  I don't think these parts are on his website yet.  Send him an email.
  Good luck with your antenna project.
  Mike, W8GT

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