Topband: DL prop report #2

Dr .Wolf Ostwald df2py at
Sat Sep 9 01:12:00 EDT 2006

hi reflectees !
Today the band was open again into the Pacific northwest.For some reason no midwest or central US stns were heard today. As well as the eastern seabord did not make any appearance. The outer rim of the auroral oval seemed to be ducting the sigs. If You want to see a graphic display on the auroral oval, go to that page
Today the band reached down the coast to Oregon with Tree ( N6TR/7) peaking at 599 on my old FT 1000 D.
All the PacNW stations had peaks around S9 and N7UA moved to 5db over S9. I hope this is all good indications for the shape the band is in.  Everybody have a nice weekend and good Dx as the summer doldrums are over !   de wolf  df2py

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