Topband: Linear loaded vertical H

armin.ficza at armin.ficza at
Sun Sep 10 19:23:17 EDT 2006

Beginners question:

I modelled a vertical H antenna with folded legs, 12m height and 34m
It looks fine from gain point of view and max radiation at 20 degrees.

The only problem is, that if I feed it on middle of the vertical
element, that Z is only 6-4j ohms. Is it possible to use like that? I
have an idea of feed it with parallel feedline.

And, is it possible to fold it one more time? (still to wide... What
will the effect of that?

Sorry for the rockie question, but I really would like operate on
topband, but space is limiting me...

Armin, ZL1KMN

PS. My terrain is like a small valley, with a creek at the bottom, and
becouse of that I cannot have ground radials. I have rich clay soil,
usually wet, exept in sommer.

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