Topband: Linear loaded vertical H

John Tait bravo at
Mon Sep 11 12:02:16 EDT 2006

> I modelled a vertical H antenna with folded legs, 12m height and 34m
> wide.
> It looks fine from gain point of view and max radiation at 20 degrees.
*Hi Armin..
         I have been using this type of antenna for some years with very 
good results.   For 
reasons similar to your own, I cannot put out an effective radial 
system. I took the idea from Rudy N6LF's article in QEX. You can 
download it from Rudy's site at*
> The only problem is, that if I feed it on middle of the vertical
> element, that Z is only 6-4j ohms. Is it possible to use like that? I
> have an idea of feed it with parallel feedline.
> And, is it possible to fold it one more time? (still to wide... What
> will the effect of that?
> Sorry for the rockie question, but I really would like operate on
> topband, but space is limiting me...
*I got a good match to 50 Ohm when centre feeding the vertical wire, but 
I now feed it at the base..i.e. the juction of the bottom capacity hat, 
and the vertical wire, where I also see a good match, and where it's 
much better from a mechanical point of view.

73  John EI7BA*


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