Topband: 160m activity during OCDX

mike l dormann w7dra at
Wed Sep 13 21:49:42 EDT 2006

I am getting things ready for my Oceania Dx contest Kauai sojourn; will
have my Hw16 ready for 160 through 20. On 160, I toggle switch  modified
the 80 meter transmitter section, and added a 12AX7/6C4 crystal
controlled converter (pullen mixers forever!) to up convert 1.8 to 3.5
Mhz, - thus not requiring any receiver mods, which are harder to do on
the HW16 than the easy 160m transmit mod. 
My question:
I don't feel the need to build a special 6AG7 160m VFO in the HW16
cabinet (done it before), or modify my HG10 VFO) for 160. I plan to use
my available 160m rocks for 160m transmitting.
Most of my time is spent in the CQ mode. There will be approximately 30
of us and 1000 of you.
For all 160m contacts I would think being rock bound would suffice. 
I plan to publish a proposed band operating plan later.
Mike W7DRA

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