Topband: RG-6 Coaxial Cable...

Jim Brown jim at
Thu Sep 14 13:32:02 EDT 2006

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006 07:39:12 -0400, Tom Rauch wrote:

>By the way on 160, 80, and 40 meters RG6 will easily handle 
>1500 watts in free air. I use it for dipole feedlines on 
>occasion to save weight.

Many thanks for this detailed post. I have exactly that application 
here. Does this comment apply to a cable like Commscope 5781 (#18 
copper center. foam PE, w/quad shield -- AL foil, 60% AL braid, AL 
foil, 40% AL foil)?  A few years ago, I bought a 1,000 ft spool of 
this to rewire my TV and FM receiving antenna distro. Would you feel 
comfortable with an all AL shield like this handling 1,500W on 160-
40? How about higher HF bands? 


Jim K9YC

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