Topband: Rg/6

Harold Smith w0rihps at
Thu Sep 14 22:59:05 EDT 2006

If one goes to eBay, consumer Electronics,Sat tv and types in RG/6, there is a company in my home town. They sell a 1000ft roll for $50.00 with free shipping. I have no knowlege of who they are, but they sure ship quick.
Is it good, I think so, I use it at 950 to 1250 mHz for my 12 ft
C and KU band dish. It is not flooded. It strips easy and the F connectors go on easy. One needs a hex crimper. Radio Shack has a good one.

One can usually pick up the flooded cable from the ends scraped by their cable company. 200 ft is scraped by them.

73 Price W0RI

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