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David Raymond earlham at
Fri Sep 15 13:07:12 EDT 2006

Topband seems to always hold surprises.   For the past two or three years I've listened for Ross, 9M2AX, but never heard any sign of him (not even a ping).  This morning he was 449 amidst some late summer QRN, but certainly copyable, for a new one on TB.  ZL3IX  (who had also been trying to work 9M2AX for some time) also worked Ross which Greg said was a new one for him as well.    Two days ago ZL3IX could not even see Ross on his Spectran, but today he said Ross was "smokin."  It sometimes makes no difference how well our stations are equipped. . .it often still comes down to being on at the right time.  Another surprise this morning was working JA3FYC who was running 100w.

73. . . Dave

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