Topband: Boring Report - the season thus far

Tree tree at
Sun Sep 17 11:37:41 EDT 2006

On Sun, Sep 17, 2006 at 09:36:33AM -0500, AD5VJ  Bob wrote:

> What frequencies are each call sign attached to?

Hi Bob.  DF2PY hangs our on 1834.5.  ZS6WN seems to like 1825.5 or 
so.  HK3BVD has been hanging out on 1833.5.  I worked the VKs and
ZLs when I was CQing - on 1823.5 and then 1821.

Hope that helps - and it was VK3ZL and VK4TL that I worked - I sort
of munged those two calls together at 4 AM.


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