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Ford Peterson ford at
Sun Sep 17 20:17:39 EDT 2006

Bob asks:


> Does anyone know of a way I can use the Double Bazooka (or something) at least for stateside work on 160.

>  73 fer nw,


I have seen a number of 'compromise' setups that work surprisingly well.  One such method uses whatever antenna you have for the low bands.  If you take the PL259 loose on the antenna port, leave the center conductor sticking into the chassis, but slide back the 'nut' so that the shield is no longer connected to the chassis of the rig, you have a make-shift vertical.  There is no need to short the center to the shield, but that is what some folks do (it doesn't hurt or help).  The RF will find it's own path.  The ground system attached to the radio, along with all the house wiring attached to chassis, comprise the counterpoise.  The feedline becomes the vertical, and whatever antenna is hooked to it becomes toploading.  It's a method that would make Rube Goldberg proud.  No doubt you will need a tuner, but it does work.

I've even heard of situations where the feedline actually runs along the ground for some distance.  And still it works!  Can you run QRO?  I seriously doubt the rest of your shack can handle all that RF.  But at 50-100W, what can it hurt to give it a try?  The great thing about 160M antennas is that they simply want to radiate.  Put enough wire above ground and it will radiate.

Have fun!

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