Topband: Sharing radials??

Brian Campbell VY2MGY at
Tue Sep 26 11:54:00 EDT 2006

Good day everyone

I have tried the usual locations [ archives and books ] but haven't got a
definitive answer. So now I appeal to the 160M expertise on the reflector.

I have just put up a 1/4 wave Inverted L for 80M [ with 12 1/4 wave
radials ] and it is just at the very edge of my 1/4 wave 160M Inverted L
radial field [ 140 1/4 wave radials ].   I am wondering if anyone has had
any experience sharing radials from two different verticals??

More importantly would it enhance my 80M signal or degrade my 160M signal??
The latter is the guideline here!!

Thank you in advance


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