Topband: Delaware report

Jon Zaimes AA1K jz73 at
Wed Sep 27 07:22:41 EDT 2006

This morning was the first in several days that I made it to the shack for sunrise.

The band was pretty quiet, though initially heard no DX coming through. But that quickly changed as VK3ZL called in at 1038z, then a surprise from JH2FXK at 1047z, then JA3AAW (peaking 579) and JA1CGM right at my 1054z sunrise. VK6VZ closed out the "run" at 1056z. The ZL digi was still audible several minutes later.

The JA signals flip-flopped peaking between a short, single-wire 500 ft Beverage and the broadside phased pair of 935 feet, no doubt as the wave angle changed around SR. Both antennas are aimed direct path at 320 degrees.

While we have heard JA signals as early as August, this is one of the earliest solid openings I can recall.

73/Jon AA1K

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