Topband: 3/8 inv-l 160

Stein Roar Brobakken LA6FJA/K3RAG s-roabr at
Thu Sep 28 00:40:55 EDT 2006

I have a 3/8 wl inv-l for 160m
Its feeded with a RG213 coax capacitor
Last winter I found a drawing and explaination of a feeding with a
excact length of 75 ohm coax and remove the this capacitor into the
feeding point, but I cannot find this again.
Have anyone done a setup with this? Feeding directly with a piece of 75
(72 ohm RG11) from antenna and then into the 50 ohm coax to the shack.
My inv-L is about 31m tall, and I use abt 350-400 pF today, but my
antenna is very variable in up/down QRG coz of my ground, I have tried
severeal times to get more elevated radials, and the bandwith changes by
the angel between the vertical and horisontal legs. The feeding point is
abt 2,5m above the ground.
Any suggestions?  Should I cut down the antenna and have just a ¼ wave
GP with a short toploading wire??? Or build a tuner into the
bottom....the 75 ohm feeding system had been nice, but I donno were/when
I found this explaination hehe
Stein Roar aka RAG

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