Topband: September.

robert briggs vk3zl at
Wed Sep 27 23:21:06 EDT 2006

This has been a fantastic month for US Dx from my location.Many evenings 
I have settled in and had runs of 30 or more contacts.A lot of these are 
new contacts and I note some few of them have been "little guys" with 
low power and small antennas.I have missed a few weaker signals but I do 
try to get the callsign and report as I know that it is important for 
them to grab the opportunity of zone 30 while propagation is good.I 
appreciate their patience while I am trying to get those details logged 
as sometimes Qsb and Qrn can be a real bother.To those I have 
missed,don't give up.I am on the band every day and there will always be 
another opportunity.
We are about to run into our summer Qrn season but I will be on the band 
most days between thunderstorms and my Fire Comms duties.I look forward 
to continuing contacts and will start looking for Europe again this year 
at the end of October.
Thanks for the ride.73.....Bob VK3ZL..

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