Topband: Pointing the K9AY

AD5VJ Bob rtnmi at
Wed Sep 27 20:50:04 EDT 2006

I have a question on pointing the K9AY loop or any loop for that matter:

It has always been my understanding that you point the face of a loop toward the signal or area of interest.

As an example:
If you were Europe and I wanted EU when I pointed the loop at you then you would be looking through the hole. Of course I would
point it a little to the northeast (I think).

But you get the point.

Have I been wrong all this time? 

Is it the side of the loop you point? 

If it is the side then then does it matter which side? As with the K9AY loop is it the side of the resistor?

I probably wont be able to make the loop rotatable as I have no rotator to use with it so I need to know so I can make it stationary
pointing to EU from EM12ds.

  73 fer nw,

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