Topband: Wood vs PVC on Loops ect

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Reading  about the various loops and other antennas as well I am reading a 
lot about  using PVC as the separator and  boom arms.

I don't have but one  piece of PVC and it is only about 3.5' long.

So I was wondering since I  didn't find anything on it why wood (which I have 
plenty of and can cut to  length) would not work for the
boom and/or separator arms on these  antennas.

Does it somehow interfere?

73 fer nw,

Are you referring to Pennants and Flags? If so I have made them with all  
wooden supports with no problem but I don't let the vertical wires get too close  
- when it snows and ices up it will cause detuning and issues.  A great  
support for these antennas is those collapsable fibreglass masts - MFJ has a 33  
ft one but it's almost 100.00 while there are other 20 ft versions for 25.00 -  
World Radio sells those.  If you make a point feed Pennant you'll only need  
one for the main support where the transformer would be and the point end can 
be  secured with a rope from a tree.

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