Topband: 160m vertical

mike l dormann w7dra at
Wed Sep 27 14:28:15 EDT 2006

 Speaking of 160 meter antennas, for the Oceania CW DX contest I will be
on Kauai, Hawaii and plan to use some form of "Z" antenna ( half wave of
wire, the center portion vertical, with the ends horizontal, voltage fed
with a tuner, minimal radials.
Depending upon the tree situation, it could be a PVCC double L center fed
with 300 ohm twin lead.
I will have two nights for experimentation and testing (Wednesday and
Thursday) before the contest, and if I find good propagation and all goes
well, I plan to spend the first 1/2 of each night time contest hour on
I also plan 'not' to have a 160m VFO so will be on 1822, 1828 or 1843. I
am experimenting with my 
HW16 in paralleling a second 6GE5, as I would like at least 100 watts
On my occasional Dxpiditions i often see large tower set ups languishing
and dream about using such a support, instead of a palm
mike W7DRA

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