Topband: W1AW inconsistency wd western US

Steve McDonald jsm at
Fri Sep 29 09:35:00 EDT 2006

Wolf - I don't know about other left-coasters but when I hear EU, I rarely
hear anything else, except the Europeans and other west coast signals.
Central US and east coast is just not there. I can always tell when we are
about to lose prop to EU as I start to hear zeros' and then eastern stations
again. We seem to have you fellows all to ourselves for an hour or more.
Over the past two nights there have many great EU signals from SV / IV / ZS
right through to Scandinavia. By far the loudest signal the last two nights
has been from PA0CLN and yourself, both hitting an honest 599 at times. The
first EU worked this season was very early...Sept 10th - EI3IO.
Love this solar min but looking forward to working you boys on 6m in a few
more winters!

73 - Steve / VE7SL


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