Topband: Wire antennas and antenna analyzers

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Fri Sep 29 13:49:12 EDT 2006

Dave, thanks for the great idea! I will use a T-connector 
with a shorted BNC
plug when connecting the antenna.

And thanks to everyone who contributed to the subject!

73 de Björn /SM0MDG>>

Just a suggestion.

What I use to prevent damage is the MFJ filter designed for 
use with the 259. We use 259's for some bench testing, and 
if a control line is switched while the 259 is connected it 
can change diode characteristics. After losing several 
diodes I made it a rule to always use the filter. The filter 
so far has totally stopped that problem.

Also, since all of these little analyzers are broadband 
coupled to the antenna they are sensitive not only to 
broadcast stations, they are also sensitive to dc and low 
frequency ac offsets. The filter will help with those 
problems also.

I think the filter is a model 731, but I'm not sure. It is 
out in the shop and having just been cut all up I'm in no 
shape to walk out there to look.

73 Tom 

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