Topband: bandpass filters

Paul Kelley N1BUG paul.kelley.n1bug at
Thu Dec 6 07:30:58 EST 2007

Would anyone happen to have response curves or data on attenuation 
of either the KD9SV 160m receive bandpass filter or the ICE 403 
bandpass filter? So far I found some below the band data on one and 
above the band data on the other. I need reasonable attenuation both 
   above and below 160m and am trying to choose a filter.

I am aware of the more expensive W3NQN filter sold by Array 
Solutions. It looks fine but I am wondering if the cheaper 
alternatives might be OK since my application is receive only. Have 
I overlooked any others? I'm not interesting in building one myself 
as all the designs I've seen require test equipment not available to me.

I finally figured out what is degrading my receive this season and 
need to fix it ASAP!

Paul N1BUG

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