Topband: Antenna Noise canceller

SavageBR at SavageBR at
Tue Dec 18 21:04:40 EST 2007

I have both. I use the MFJ 1026. It has individual RF gain controls for  both 
the signal channel and the noise channel. The ANC-4 has a  "Gain Control" for 
the nose channel only.
With individual gain controls in both the signal and noise channels, the  MFJ 
can be used to more easily phase two Rx antennas.  The MFJ is a  bit larger 
and takes up a little more space. The ANC 4 gives the impression of a  bit 
better manufacturing quality.
I use the MFJ when operating mobile CW (40 thru 10 M) to reduce  ignition 
noise.  I have also used it in the shack to phase two Beverage  antennas.
Bruce  AA4Z

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