Topband: Conditions on West Coast Saturday morning for SP

Greg - ZL3IX zl3ix at
Sat Dec 29 15:15:27 EST 2007

Rick Karlquist wrote:
> Conditions this morning were good.  Lots of USA stations worked
> from Hawaii/Alaska to Texas.  RW0CWA was very stong,
> running S8 to S9 and easily worked with 100W.  Only worked
> one JA:  JA3YBK (if you only work one JA, it is probably
> JA3YBK :-).  Both stations were readable way past sunrise.
> We heard JA3YBK later at 1630Z S&P'ing and he was armchair copy w/o QSB on
> the beverage.  RU0LL was heard but not worked.  He unfortunately was
> transmitting on EXACTLY 1830.000 and was zero beat with the ever present
> BCB birdie we have here.  We were lucky to be able to copy
> at that frequency.  Never transmit on an exact 10 kHz multiple!
> See you tonight for Act II.
> Rick N6RK
Hi Rick,

In contrast things were not looking up at this QTH.  In the first part 
of the test we have 2 hours of operation, between 15z and our SR, just 
before 17z.  In that time I only managed 7 Q's by way of 1 CONUS, 1 KH6, 
2 JA, 2 UA, and a VK.  Normally during this period I have at least a 
handful of W6/W7's.  Only K9YC made it into my log.  K7RAT didn't even 
hear me calling him.  Same with C4M, whom I called many many times, 
without even a QRZ??

Hope the second half is much better, or I may just opt for an early night!

73, Greg, ZL3IX

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