Topband: ZL6QH in CQ WW 160m

Greg - ZL3IX zl3ix at
Thu Feb 1 02:25:39 EST 2007

Petr Ouředník wrote:
> Hi all,
> i would like to ask gently "what happened with ZL6QH" in the CQ WW 160m last week? I looked for them each SS/SR +/- 45mins in the announced QRG windows but no beeps over here. Even I did not find any pile-up sounds like for ZL6...
> Did You make somebody QSO with guys from Quarz Hill on 160m this weekend from Europe or even some VK's please. I have not big gun set-up but I thought that with rotable Delta terminating loop + 200m halfsquare and 600W out I should have chance to grab them...
> regards,
> Petr, OK1RP
> Petr Ouředník
> (160m)

Sounded like they were going at it pretty well from this QTH, Petr.  
They probably had the same problem as I did - QRM level so high in Eu 
that nobody hears any DX at all.  I called several Eu stations and to a 
man they just CQ'd right through me!  If Eu observed the DX window like 
in the US, they might have better luck!

How about this for a suggestion - While it's dark in the US, US stations 
stay out of the segment 1830-1835, and when it's dusk in Eu (still broad 
daylight in the US), Eu stations stay out.  Then one or two of us on the 
far side of the planet could go in there and call CQ with a chance of 
being heard.

73 Greg, ZL3IX

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