Topband: 4-square K9AY arry in WPX SSB -2006

Przemek - SP7VC sp7vc at
Wed Feb 7 00:47:21 EST 2007

It was my next contest when I was operating from the station of SP3KEY
on the 160 meters band.
I was using 4-square K9AY array - antenna idea by SP3RBR. Four K9AY
placed on the square 40x40 meters - this system works really great.
This system let me win the second place in the World.
K9AY system of four antennas is especially advantageous in areas where
you have not enough place for full size beverages. It is also very
effective on 80 meters.
Please visit the web site of SP3KEY at There are
two articles aboyt the K9AY available in English:

See you in the next contest

73's Przemek SP7VC
sp7vc at

73's Przemek SP7VC
sp7vc at

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