Topband: ZL top band window - Western EU perspective

Dave Sharred g3nkc at
Sat Feb 10 04:37:47 EST 2007

Hi Brian, Greg, Ron and all other interested parties in this.

We should maybe concentrate the discussion in 2 parts

EU sunset / ZL sunrise   - there is no propagation to USA then; so 1800-1810
is clear. I don't think that there are any EU countries that can work down
there; even if there were ; there is never any activity since the bulk have
to work higher in the band. This is always true in contests too. This , as
ever, would favour Eastern EU (that's ok !).

EU sunrise / ZL sunset -  There is propagation to USA then; but we rarely
hear stations in the 1800-1810 area; even in big contests in EU !  Most seem
to be higher; probably to catch EU stations  (even some up to 1870,
typically; often Midwest; who maybe cant get a clear spot with the QRM from
East Coast at this time ?  And the amount of EU stations who would be lower
in the band. This, as ever, would favour western EU. This is understood.

The problem would be how to initiate such activity in a big contest ?  I
think if ZL were practising this; and, say "QSX 1812"; you would be spotted;
and stations would come to you. Bigger / more serious efforts would be
looking for you  (I was very mindful of ZL / VK in both CQWW CW and
CQWW160!); so it could work!

For Ron - in EU - 1830 - 1835 is a real dog pile; in fact; most of the band
is. It is no coincidence that the QSO numbers for EU is high! If a DX
station goes in that area; it needs someone to spot them (probably not in
EU); a pile up to develop; and THEN a hole is made in EU; since anyone who
might have been running near or on that freq would find it unworkable !

It is fair to say that at Western EU sunrise. a lot of eastern EU would have
finished ; except in big contests when the bigger stations will keep on, to
try for that last few western EU (they lose US propagation by then

Hope the comments help !


Dave, G3NKC / MD4K / MD6V

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