Topband: Cold Creek report (with deference to the Boring report)

Dan Kovatch w8car at
Wed Feb 7 02:13:42 EST 2007

It is frozen (solid) here in beauteous Ohio so I checked the bands at 1100 
PM local before turning in and found 160 to be good shape. I wrked a total 
of 34 stations (list of prefixes below) over the period of 0419Z to 0646 Z. 
I wrked the 6W @0419  then cruised up and down the band. I called CQ near 
the end of my time and worked a fair number of EU plus KH6, 8P and EU . Just 
one of the best nights in a long while on 160!!! Many of the EU guys sounded 
like locals and probably could have been copied on a coat hanger.

Worked: 6W,OZ, 9A, CO, CT, UA, DL, G, PA, 8P, I, GM, KH6, OM, VE6, HA, OH, 

respectfully submitted from Castalia, Ohio home of Cold Creek -(it never 


ANT. inverted L 70 up and 100 over, 35 radials of various heritage and 
FT1000mp, Alpha 76PA
listening ants: 400 ft BOG NE, various EWES, pennants and W BOG

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