Topband: Cold Creek report (with deference to the Boring report)

George (K8GG) & Marijke Guerin gmguerin at
Wed Feb 7 07:52:28 EST 2007

Dan, W8CAR, wrote:

Subject: Topband: Cold Creek report (with deference to the Boring report)

> It is frozen (solid) here in beauteous Ohio so I checked the bands at 1100
> PM local before turning in and found 160 to be good shape. I wrked a total
> of 34 stations (list of prefixes below) over the period of 0419Z to 0646 
> Z.
> I wrked the 6W @0419  then cruised up and down the band. I called CQ near
> the end of my time and worked a fair number of EU plus KH6, 8P and EU . 
> Just
> one of the best nights in a long while on 160!!! Many of the EU guys 
> sounded
> like locals and probably could have been copied on a coat hanger.
> Worked: 6W,OZ, 9A, CO, CT, UA, DL, G, PA, 8P, I, GM, KH6, OM, VE6, HA, OH,
> SM, UT

> > Dan W8CAR

Dan, etc.

You missed the best one of all.  Ivan, VE3DO, spotted 7Q7BP before 0300z on 
1814.. he was workable on QSB peaks shortly after 0300zulu, and his signal 
kept building slowly to an honest 579 about 0330z.  Lots of Topbanders got 
new a new one, at least as far as Colorado.

By 0300z, SM4CAN was peaking 599, S59A(?) was 579. RA6AX was 599+, DK8YY/6W 
also 599+ etc.

If the 80 meter operator at J20RR had gotten someone on 160 instead of just 
signing off before sunrise, we might have had an even better night.  It is 
too band they ran out of momentum or electricity, etc.

Good luck this evening.

George    K8GG 

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