Topband: Software defined radio transceiver kit for 160m

Steve Ireland vk6vz at
Wed Feb 7 11:12:02 EST 2007

G'day Bill

Hope all is well with you.

Those on the topband reflector who are interested in trying Software 
Defined Radio on 160m may
like to know that Tony KB9YIG is selling a kit for a 160m SDR 
transceiver, the receive
section of which is based on his famous SoftRock v6 receiver.

The RXTXv6.1 has a BPFs on RX and TX  and power output is about
one watt for CW and SSB but should be reduced to
about 700 mW for high duty cycle modes such as RTTY or PSK31.
Circuit board size is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

The kits are currently being shipped with a 14.754MHz crystal for a 
center frequency of about
1.844 MHz. TX software tuning range will be about +/-20 kHz from the 
center frequency.  For 160m CW operators, it
would be a simple task to swap this crystal for one that gives a 
centre frequency of 1.820 MHz, thus covering the whole CW band.

A feature of the RXTXv6.1 is an audio switch and earphone output
from the board so that the board can be used for TX and RX when only
one soundcard line-out channel is available.  Ideally, the RXTXv6.1 
suits soundcards with dual line output,
such as the M-Audio Delta 44.

The RXTXv6.1 kit is the result of technical contributions from a
number of people in a number of different countries. Jan, G0BBL,
and the other members of the UK design team, (also includes M0PUB
and G8BTR), initiated the project and have worked to get a
reasonable RF output level that also meets FCC requirements for
purity of emissions.

Kits may be ordered via PayPal to 
<>raparks at at a
price of $32 for US/Canada and $33 for DX.

There are currently free specially developed versions of PowerSDR and 
KGKSDR (by Duncan M0KGK) software
available for internet download for the transceiver.

Vy 73

Steve, VK6VZ

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