Topband: The Dragon

wb6tza at wb6tza at
Wed Feb 7 15:28:22 EST 2007

Mervs note reminded me that we probably need to go back to how we worked JA 
for many years.

in this case NA transmits 1950+/-10, and receives where appropriate, and, if 
the Dragon is loud enough to bother NA hearing the Asia stations, then both 
stations need to move to 1950+/-

What are the limitations for other Asian countries for transmitting in 1950? 
Other than JA, its beginning to look like Asia stations need to just move 
all of their operation to 1950, including the effort of tuning antennas 
there.... and propagation may be marginally better at 1950 than 1820.

IF enough move, most will follow- everyone likes to be where the activity 
is, no-one likes calling into the wind. Major stations, DXpeditions, etc, 
need to start the ball rolling.

I was looking for more, but I did make one JA QSO in the contest by CQing at 
1950 & specifying a QSX.  There were quite a few of the louder JAs calling 
in the 1810-25 segment and listening 1950+/-, and they were doing OK

this same procedure should work for EU-Asia contacts with EU stations that 
are allowed to transmit on 1950

Robin, WA6CDR
an op at N5IA, et al

> Mornings are dominated with BY radar getting as loud as
> S9, sure puts a damper on all the good Asian DX in the
> mornings.

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