Topband: Re Small lot antenna idea

steve d kc8qvo at
Fri Feb 9 14:02:24 EST 2007

Thanks to all who replied. However, none of the other ideas are going to work. I dont have a flagpole, I dont have any trees (other than some that are at most 10' tall), and the total size of the lot is about 100x120'. Add to that, the lot is right next to a pond facing a main street - all but one side of the yard is completely exposed. I cant erect a support structure. Whatever antenna I come up with has to be nearly invisible. I know thats a lot to ask out of an antenna, but like I said before - I have to make due with what I have.
  I have been using a screwdriver antenna on the back of my truck for 80 meters and up and it has worked OK. I have about 150' of coax going out there. That works because the antenna is on my truck, not the house or in the yard. However, it isnt going to work on 160 because my truck isnt enough of a counterpoise. 
  I thought about using a balloon to pull up a vertical wire, but if it popped I would drape the wire over at least 2 other people's houses, and I am trying to do this as low-profile as I can. Thats why I want to use the plumbing in the house as the counterpoise - theres a lot of copper there to tap into.  
  Is there any other kind of wire I can toss up to radiate something?
  If I use my screwdriver as a variable loading coil... maybe I could employ the balloon method and use a shorter wire - say, 60' or so? This would get me a nearly vertical antenna without any support structure. I could throw it up when I operate and take it down when Im not operating. I would still need a counterpoise though. Any thoughts, comments on that?
  Its not fun being restricted but thats the way it is here. That doesnt mean I cant get on the band though. Im trying to find a way around my restrictions rather than face them head on.
  Steve, KC8QVO

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