Topband: ...Recovery time???

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Mon Feb 19 08:36:59 EST 2007

>> I use a Mark V with no filters at all into an inverted V
>> with the apex at 55 ft, scary huh? Well anyway, not being 
>> an electrical
>> engineer, I notice the recovery time I guess you would 
>> call it in simplex
> pile  ups
>> after I call, and begin to seems like the 
>> receiver is deaf for
> a
>> fraction of a second and do not hear the station coming 
>> back to me, than
> the
>> second request I hear perfectly.

I looked at my 1000MP MK V's (actually two of them) just by 
on-the-air testing and didn't notice that problem, both in 
VOX and QSK. I can hear any signal above noise floor below 
25-30WPM dots between a string of dots on QSK. As a matter 
of fact if I send a string of dots I can easily copy a 5 WPM 
S-6 station while I'm rattling off the high speed dots.

I normally notice such things. Certainly that same problem 
with the R4C's stood out like a sore thumb.

When I get time I'll put a MP MK V and a MP up and see what 
they look like on the bench. I never use the regular MP on 
the air, I just have it just so I have one to look at, so I 
can't say how it is on the air.

Is everyone sure this isn't cause by an artifact from 
switching something external? Say you drop a relay line and 
the backpulse generates a click?  Too much RF on a receive 
antenna line?

Admittedly I did not use a scope, but neither fast AGC or 
slow causes a problem by ear in my MK V's. I would thing by 
all the people using regular MP's it would be a widely 
publicized flaw.

73 Tom 

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