Topband: ...Recovery time???

Barry N1EU barry.n1eu at
Mon Feb 19 13:55:33 EST 2007

On 2/19/07, Tom Rauch <w8ji at> wrote:

> Is everyone sure this isn't cause by an artifact from
> switching something external? Say you drop a relay line and
> the backpulse generates a click?  Too much RF on a receive
> antenna line?

I just presented my findings as anecdotal.  Both my '98 and '99
production MP's eventually developed the exact same problem and I've
heard from others that had a similar experience (rx taking several
hundred msec to recover to full sensitivity with only weak sigs in the
passband, fast AGC, QSK).  It's quite possible that there is
degradation of some component over time, or RF getting in via rx ant
or accessory cable and that not all MP's exhibit the problem.  It's
also true that only a small percentage of MP users will even notice
the problem.  But after my second MP went south in the same way, I
switched to a different radio and haven't looked back.

Barry N1EU

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