Topband: Beverage question

Ian Keyser ian.keyser at
Wed Feb 21 11:36:53 EST 2007

My 280 metre Bev is run through a hedge at about 1.5m high and works 
perfectly well with one disadvantage..... there is a wire fence in the hedge 
as well about 0.5m below it...... it fires both ways terminated or not!

It's still got a better S/N than the Marconi T though, and that's the most 
important thing.

My K9AY loops are marginally better S/N, but I've adjusted them for optimum 
F/B.... about 15dB at a few degrees elevation.

Have you though of building K9AY loops.   I've got them strung from an 8m 
pole in my wood.... a lot easier than stringing multiple beverages!


Ian G3ROO 

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