Topband: Beverage question ..and another

Bill Tippett btippett at
Wed Feb 21 12:40:01 EST 2007

Hi Bill,

KH7XS/K4XS wrote:

 >Not sure how high to put them here in KH6.  I can go as high as 
I  want or as
low.  They can run around 500-1000 feet and will be  used 40-160m.  Any ideas?

         I'm not picking on you specifically because MANY
OTHERS are guilty of the same.  This topic was discussed
JUST THIS MONTH so why don't we all do a little research
before firing off our questions?  The reflector archives
search page is here:

Enter keywords in the box at the top.

         As ON4UN said before "Maybe someone should cover
this topic in a book?"  ;-)  See Paragraph 2.4.3 on page
7-47 of his 4th edition for an in-depth analysis of your

         There are many, many questions asked here which
we could answer ourselves just by a little research.
Maybe it's too easy to fire off the same old questions
over and over but it's not very considerate of others.

                                 73,  Bill  W4ZV

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