Topband: "JA" Conditions to "VE3" on 20-II-07

Steve London n2icarrl at
Wed Feb 21 13:46:20 EST 2007

EP Swynar wrote:
> Wow...!
> By the grace of the propagation gods, I actually managed to work TWO Japanese
> stations this morning on the band...!
> That feat was hitherto merely "...dreaming the impossible dream" at VE3CUI.
> Many thanks to JA7NI and to JA8ISU for helping me live the dream --- these
> guys must have exceptional ears to have been to hear me, that's for sure...!
> ~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ _______________________________________________ 

Congrats, Eddy !  A tough assignment from VE3 !

It was a very good JA opening this morning. I worked 41 JA's in the 35 minutes 
around sunrise. I think there have been other mornings that have been just as 
good, but without eastern North America propagation to keep things interesting, 
  most of the JA's go QRT before my sunrise.

Steve, N2IC (/5)
Southwest New Mexico

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