Topband: Beverage question

Tom McAlee tom at
Wed Feb 21 13:42:52 EST 2007

As many have reported, it should work fine through the woods.  Also, as many 
have reported, falling trees and branches can be a problem.

I've found that having the wire free-floating lessens the extent of the 
damage.  I have 4 of the DX Engineering reversible beverages.  I use fence 
posts topped with 5' of PVC and a plumbing T-connector at the top.  The 450 
ohm ladder line for the reversible beverage runs through the T connectors.

Because it is free-floating through the posts, I have yet to have the wire 
actually break (or even stretch noticeably) because of a tree or branch 
falling on it.  It will take the part it lands on down to the ground and 
bend the PVC down (and break it, usually at the point just above where it 
attaches to the fence post), but even in that state the antenna will still 
work and it's an easy repair.

Here are some photos:
PVC and T-connector:
Attaching to the fence post:

Tom, NI1N

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