Topband: This morning on 160 meters

kk4tr jdube1 at
Wed Feb 21 14:23:06 EST 2007

A strange thing happened to me this morning. After calling "CQ DX"  on 1820 khz so many Japanese stations came back to my call, it was difficult to get a clear call sign out of the many calling.  Finally I managed about 3 or 4 stations did stand out and I was able to have some very fine qso's.  I believe the point that I am making is that condx have been very good to the west from my location in Florida. I copied the FK3 and the VK9 with reasonably good sigs as well as several other before now I was uable to hear.  It appears that it is finally my turn to at least hear the dx again and even get to work a few!!!!!  73's aall.


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