Topband: Beverage In Woods

ABowenN4OO abowen at
Thu Feb 22 10:02:10 EST 2007

I use about 600 ft of nylon line spooled on one of the large 
extension cord spools available at the big hardware stores. I anchor 
the spool, take a compass reading and head off into the woods, 
looking back frequently to see that I am maintaining a straight line.

There will be times when a tree is not in the right place to support 
the insulator and wire. I run a support line between 2 trees at the 
height of the other supports and run the Beverage wire over the top.

I have also found that mounting the insulators to a small piece of 
board material, then anchoring the board to the tree results in 
longer life for the insulator. In this southern climate, the trees 
tend to grow around the insulator in 2 or 3 years. Tree growth tends 
to push the plastic insulators off the nail or screw holding them to 
the tree. Mounting them on a board increases the lifetime.

Sopchoppy, FL

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