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Raoul Coetzee raoulc at
Fri Feb 23 05:17:28 EST 2007

>W2PM Replies:

>Ive often seen reference to "lots of JA's and JA pileups" on Topband posts
>and while I know there are many hams in JA it seems unusual for so much
>apparent  160 activity given antenna dimension issues and famous JA lot
sizes in the
>populated areas.  Does anyone have a feel for how popular 160 really is in
>JA?  If I were to assess that from my JA 160 experience I'd say there
>any !   ;

When I was lucky enough to work JA last year, and when  it became known in
JA when I was looking for them, I had a pileup too! The problem was that the
'torch effect' was
making it very difficult to 'lock' onto a call. The good conditions only
lasted for a few days.Actually , not correct. Aki-san could hear me but I
could not hear him.So I waited
26-27  days,and the conditions were right again! That was when the fun
started and then it lasted for about 3 days, getting worse day by day.
The question also is :when is it a pileup, 4 stations or 40?:=) for me on
160 m, if I hear 2 JA's calling it IS like a pileup!
Raoul, ZS1REC

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