Topband: This morning on 160 meters

Luis Mansutti IV3PRK luisprk at
Thu Feb 22 15:56:06 EST 2007

> W2PM wrote:
> Ive often seen reference to "lots of JA's and JA pileups" on Topband posts
> and while I know there are many hams in JA it seems unusual for so much
> apparent  160 activity given antenna dimension issues and famous JA lot 
> sizes in the
> populated areas.  Does anyone have a feel for how popular 160 really is in
> JA?  If I were to assess that from my JA 160 experience I'd say there 
> aren't
> any !   ;<
IV3PRK replies:

I wrote an article for the December 2006 issue of the Japanese DX Magazine 
"Five Nine" with an analysis of the JA path on Topband (over 9.000 km).
The JA's are active every day in each call area (when the BY jammer is not 
killing the band): in my 160 log there are  400  "different" JA stations.
So Pete, that's a feel of how popular is really 160 meter band in Japan.

Best 73


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