Topband: 27 days rotation

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Fri Feb 23 08:19:24 EST 2007

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As  someone mentioned before, the 27 days rotation seems to work. I worked 21 
JA  stations on january 13 and haven´t heard any other JA untill I worked 
again 20  JA stations on february 11, that makes 28 days difference. Since that 
date, I  have only barely heard (and worked) 1 JA station, JF7DFA. So let´s 
wait for  march 10-11th, the 27 days solar  rotation..!


While I have not been able to copy JA I note propagation WEST of the east  
coast has been very strong the last few days - both at night (0000-0300Z) and  
early (1000-1130Z) hearing California, Oregon and Hawaii like locals  here.
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