Topband: Active Receiving Whip antenna question

Lee K7TJR k7tjr at
Fri Feb 23 13:32:32 EST 2007

    As a substitute for the 2N5160 you might look at the specs on the MRF545. I have never tried this transistor so YMMV. RF parts has them for a little over $4 each. If my memory is correct the MRF544 is the NPN complement. 
    Any one have experience with these transistors?   
   Fortunately for myself my 8 active whips 20 foot tall only pick up offending broadcast signals at an output level of less than -10dbm in 75 ohms. I wonder how much offending signal other users of active whips experience? There are a few simpler design active whip amplifiers that can output signals in excess of 18dbm with little distortion if you do not need the higher capability of the Lankford design.

Lee K7TJR Oregon  

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