Topband: Boring Report

Tree tree at
Fri Feb 23 15:00:38 EST 2007

Another big night with Europe coming in from much of the continent.  I might
have gotten on the band too late to work RA4LW (around 0315Z).  First signal
heard was IK4WMA about 579.  Probably a dozen or so made it into the log
including OE, ES, SM, PA, OZ and DF.  I heard 9A2AJ, but he must have noise
problems as he never could hear me.  

All signals were peaking up very well, but QSB would make it difficult to
finish a QSO quickly.  I suggest when you hear my call on a QSB peak, that
you just send mine once and a report twice and then BK.  I already know
your call, so sending that isn't very useful.  After we have exchanged
reports, then you can tell me about the WX.  :-)

Guess the band will be a bit of a mess for the next two evenings with the
CQ 160 SSB contest?  Maybe there will be an opening to Europe good enough
to support some SSB QSOs.

73 Tree N6TR/7
tree at

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