Topband: Remote Radio Station for Lowband.

Rune Øye la7tha at
Sun Feb 25 16:02:43 EST 2007

Hello all Topband freaks.


I am on an early stage whit a remote "Lowband" station.

My location here is not very good for NA, Pacific and JA. (Opening from 90 deg, to 310 deg, and  "North" direction, mountain is about 3000 feet just behind the house)


Myself and two other local radio amateurs have starting this project this winter, and hope that during summer and fall we can have this "kind of" up and running.


The Location for the remote station is close to sea, antenna for TX will be installed about 20-30 meter from the sea level.

My question is, what should we do according to RX antenna?

>From what I now is that, Beverage antennas are not very good close to salt water.


Is there anyone out there that has some good advice?

Is a K9AY or EWE antenna an option?


All advice is thankful.


73 de Rune LA7THA
Rune Egil Øye
New mail address : la7tha at

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