Topband: Stew_Perry & CQ_callers

Robert Marshall-Read rmread at
Tue Jan 2 14:12:09 EST 2007

Thomas DL1AMQ wrote:

"Taking part in the SP was nice, but ...
how to QSO with JAs in our evening hours, if 1810 ... 1825 is full of
european big gun CQ_callers, having very short RXing gaps only ?"

Thomas out here in Asia/Pacific with a six letter call there is no way to
get in before the big mouth and no ears EU stations CQ again...over and over
they call, pause less than three seconds and go again.  I sometimes wonder
if there is someone at the rig.

Many, and I mean many, of them have missed the mult or the grid points in
Top Band contests because all they do is run the CQ beacon and leave the
receiver gain turned down to save their ears.

My two pence worth.



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